Angle Drilling and Cutting Machine

It is a parametric special machine which makes various holes and discharges on angles for energy sector. Design, manufacturing and commissioning is a system belonging to our company. We are continuing to work on capacity and precision in accordance with customer needs.

White Appliances Balance Weight Dosing Machine

It is a specially designed system for the automatic molding and finished product of the concrete balance weights used in the white aplliances sector. Pallet transport filling carries out vibration and correction processes in the same cycle.

Insulator Forming Machine

The production line of the ceramic insulators for the energy sector is manufactured with special design. The machine has a capacity of 450 pieces / hour and has been awarded by TUBİTAK. As standard, we develop our machine for the ceramic industry and offer solutions for higher capacities.

For the factories where balance weights are produced, the design and commissioning of the 3 station wireless, pendant, radiused rail can be realized.