ANC Engineering was established in 2010 in Kazan Keresteciler Sanayi Sitesi with a total of 18 employees in it’s 800 m² manufacturing plant, in order to perform its works for automotive, energy main and sub-industry with serial production. In 2019, ANC has taken a big step in achieving it’s strategic growth targets to be carried to a new production and management facility with 1500 m² closed area in Kahramankazan. As engineering solutions; we design special process machines to meet the requirements and needs of our customers and offer machines with CE standards to our customers. We continue our way with our new engineering construction to move to the level of global companies, by using technology which is one of the main development opportunities of our country in robotic applications and industrialization studies.


  • Keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level without compromising the principle of superior service quality,
  • Being sensitive and careful about occupational safety and environmental protection issues,
  • Providing exact solutions to meet the needs of our customers and deliver them through a variety of business partnerships,
  • To grow with our customers with the logic of Win-Win.


  • As an institutionalized organization, providing it is to provide the best service in the national and international market,
  • Following the technological developments in the world closely and to move the the manufacturing sector to the level of global development,
  • Being among the leading companies by making a difference in the sector with its satisfaction-oriented approach.